Me: What did you do during the long weekend?

He: Well.. We are building a conservatory behind my home and I had the plumbers come around to sort out some of the stuff. It was very difficult to catch the plumber as he was very busy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be at home all the time when he was around as I had to excuse myself for a couple of hours to attend my daughter’s wedding.

Me: ????

10 thoughts on “Conversation

  1. தபà¯?பே இலà¯?ல. கலà¯?யாணதà¯?தà¯?கà¯?கà¯? போகலேனà¯?னாதானà¯? பà¯?ராபà¯?ளமà¯?

  2. Good that he was invited. At the same time, we, in India are inching towards this… (happily with the name of ‘modernisation’, ‘freedom of thougths’, blah blah :-))

  3. HaHa one has to know how difficult it is to get hold of plumber here, I don’t blame the guy for just popping over to his daughter’s wedding for couple of hours. Won’t be easy to get another appt with the plumber :)

  4. Well..that’s how it is.!! My friend here told me..that she was eager to attend her son’s wedding this weekend.!!

    Eager..I asked her…Yeah she said.! I had to explain my Wedding and my parents’ efforts and she didn’t close her mouth

  5. :-)

    Narayanan – when I gave my wedding card, someone in my previous company asked me “would your parents be attending the wedding as well?”.

    Prabhu – thats a good one.. :))

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