One of the adverts in CITV for one of their talk shows goes on like this. A prisoner serving death sentence would be woken up and taken to the gallows. When asked about his last wish, he would want to make a call to the talk show. Not just the prisoner, every one present there – the doctor, police men etc would make a call to the chat show and would be happily laughing.

When ever the above ad gets aired, I could only puke at the creativity of the ad director. For some reason, I couldn’t help getting irritated and most of the time I reach out for the remote to switch channels. But the worst part is, this advert seems to be Anirud‘s favourite one. Sigh!

4 thoughts on “Advert

  1. Balaji: I expected that.. but not so soon.. :)

    Keerthi: Thanks Keerthi… had a look.. hav seen it n number of times now… ever since u dropped me a msg, i am kinda hit with nostalgia..

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