Why am I wearing my mom’s skirt?

My neighbour’s 5-year old grand son, who also happens to be Anirud‘s friend(?!) asked me why I am wearing my mom’s long skirt. However much I explained to him that this is our traditional dress in India and has got a name ‘Dhoti’, he remained unconvinced and left wide eyed.

11 thoughts on “Why am I wearing my mom’s skirt?

  1. Eswar, Me:)

    Anumita – then, I would have to get him another one of my “mom’s skirts”.

    Venky – adada.. arambichitaangayya…

    Venkatachalam – dunno how u get these weird ideas… hmm

    ashok – confirmation of what?? don’t go by Venkatachalam’s words..

    PK – neeyuma?

    Balaji – well.. he might hav thot that I am wearing a really long skirt..

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