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Just in case, if you haven’t heard about Good News India, please do take few minutes of your time to visit the site. It is a site run by a one-man-army – a 63 year old Shri D V Sridharan, whose mission is to show-case the heroic efforts of thousands of little known men, women and institutions, while skirting celebrities, politicians and publicity-hunters. I have been reading this site for close to 3 years now and till date he has been doing an excellent job. To sample one of his works, just check out the story of a man who over a period of 25 years changed a rocky hill site to a full-grown forest. What more do you need to get inspired? The main aspect I liked about the site is, Sridharan focuses on the individuals who are ignored by the mainstream media. Do support the site by visiting it, spreading the news about it and also by clicking the unobtrusive Google adverts.

What I am about to say would go against the very name of the website I talked about earlier. But in the realistic world, good & bad comes in equal share and one must be aware of both. I thought quite a few times before adding this paragraph, as I thought that this might go against the spirit of GNI, but nevertheless I decided to go ahead. Sometime in December last year, there were no updates in GNI. A month later, GNI came back to life and Sridharan explained the reason for the lack of updates. Read it yourself to get the full picture. I don’t want to make a generalised opinion that all the whistle-blowers meet the same fate. But it pains. Whats your thought?

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